Same Same But Different

Well it somehow got to February 2018 and this is my first blog post for over 6 months. Sometimes I don’t blog due to a lack of inspiration and absence of things to write about. Sometimes the opposite is true and there is just so much going on that I cant think where and when to start. I think if you read the rest of this entry you will know which reason applies.

This story needs to start around 12 months ago to the beginning of February 2017 to really make any sense. Things were not working out for Jackki at work and once this started to affect her health we did the only thing sensible and made moves to make a move. Lets just sell up, clear the mortgage and move back up north where I can continue to work and Jackki can have some breathing space away from the classroom was the initial philosophy. Within a week of setting out on this plan we discovered Weardale and specifically our eyes were turned by the view below, there just might be a version of the plan that doesn’t clear the mortgage but does involve our dream move to live out in the country.


A cold and windy February trip to view the house above was all it took, available for less than the value of our house in Broughton Astley and with a view that was just incredible. House was on the market before the end of Feb and we quietly set about firming up our plan. It seemed to take ages for us to sell the house but in reality we accepted an offer about 4 1/2 months later and then had to make quick moves to settle on the final dream home. The one above didn’t quite work out for us and was bettered significantly by the wonderful Lanehead Farmhouse shown below which was destined to be our new home.


So early September 2017 was agreed as the end of our time living in Broughton Astley, the longest that Jackki and I had lived in one house during our entire lives and full of many good friends and even more fantastic memories. A big and exciting move and in many ways different but all those friends and family are still part of our lives so in just as many ways things are still the same. The move went really well even with all the added complexities of more vehicles than drivers, sheep to sell on the day of moving and air beds going missing on the day meaning unplanned shopping trips.

From the first moments of moving in we were made very welcome by our immediate neighbours and even the cold North Pennines winter and long drive to get anywhere cant shake the grins from our faces. The house is a delight and doesn’t need any immediate work and we have all settled in nicely. Just having views like the one below on your doorstep and being able to walk for hours with the dogs without needing to get in the car is simply fantastic.


A place like this needs at least 3 dogs so another Border Collie was added to the family as we welcomed young Spider to the band at the end of November. He is growing into a very bright young dog and shows a healthy interest in the sheep so when fully grown we can start some training again. Back to a 3 BC family again, balance restored and once again same, same, but different.

We have been visited by friends and family from all over the country, some even braving the high seas and mis-directions from Jackki to join us for a few days. Its been an absolute joy to share our joy at living with here with so many  people in such a short time and we look forward to more visitors later this year.

Currently snow is the dominant weather pattern with it coming down out of the window as I sit writing this. It was nice to have some snow over Christmas while the family were here and we have made the most of it for fun but as we move through February it can gladly sod off now, I am ready for Spring and lambing time. Will leave you in the snow and promise to share some more news soon as our exciting 2018 continues to delight.


3 thoughts on “Same Same But Different

  1. I can tell you are both deliriously happy and love your new home, even if it is “in the middle of nowhere”. Knowing that you are happy makes me happy and I know your dad would have loved the place. Look forward to more blogs as the weather improves especially little lamb photos.
    Love you loads xxxxx


  2. We love having you back up’t north!!! You have a beautiful home and as always you make us very welcome, loving spending more time with you guys again and seeing you both so happy makes us happy too! Here is to more silly times and lots of love and laugh xxx

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