Feathering an Empty Nest

Slightly paraphrased phone call from my daughter yesterday “Hi Dad, I got the work placement in London that I wanted so I’ll be moving out next month”. Of course this is fantastic news and I could not be happier or any more proud, to see my kids taking bold steps and making their way in the world…..but.

With the youngest away at University and the oldest living briefly back at home for a few months we seem to have had a very full nest, somehow the phone call yesterday felt like something more permanent was approaching.

Probably had too much time to think about this as I patiently (yeah right) paint things a very slightly different shade of white than they were before (what exactly is the point of decorating?) So what exactly are we supposed to do now? Carry on regardless fettling this now over-sized nest to a level of design perfection? Move to a farm in France and drink away any money we can find in Vin Rouge? Get in the camper van and drive, drive, drive?

Who the hell knows, but 2016 is looking like a good year ahead as long as work delivers on some of the promising things on the horizon so lets just chill and see what happens. We have 12 ewes to see safely through lambing in March, Chatsworth in April and a trip to Cambodia in August already fixed in the diary, add in some camper trips and some 2 wheeled mileage for the first time in a few years and life with an empty nest should be okay.

Now if we can just get this dry January bullshit out of the way and get pi……….


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