Sunday Dinner Club

I had this really simple idea, inspired by the joy of spending time with our families over Christmas, lets all get together for Sunday dinner once a month. The intention is to overcome the ‘busy lives’ apathy that we all fall for and create a reason to simply meet up without the burden of travel falling unevenly on any one part of the family.

So Sunday Dinner Club will now draw all the Coe family together for one Sunday each month with the location rotating around the country from Westhoughton, Leeds, Leicester and Filey. Who knows where this will lead as the kids start to spread their wings and get established around the country or even the world but for now we have a few precious years where getting together is relatively easy.

My only regret is not coming up with such a simple and obvious idea earlier, we always enjoy a get together so why restrict ourselves to birthdays, Christmas and Easter for goodness sake? I have high hopes this will bring our distributed family much closer together and hope that it leads to doing other things together as well as eating Yorkshire pudding.

I hope my simple idea catches on.

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