Boris is a Dick

Time to nail my colours to the mast and be absolutely clear that the UK should vote to remain in the EU, frankly it annoys the life out of me that the jingoistic question is even being asked. In deciding whether to write this post I have been forced to admit to myself that my views are 100% Liberal and that I might as well join the party, never thought I would admit that after what Clegg did with his student loan promise.

This whole Tory led debate and renegotiation is posing a very real danger that it could encourage people to vote against the EU for seemingly plausible reasons and it is very worrying. We need to step back and look at the world as a whole and recognise that we have only a small part to play on our own and a huge part to play through cooperation, collaboration and friendship with European partners and beyond. Our future will be based on how well we are able to work internationally without worrying about borders and acting with constant suspicion in relation to the motives of other nations.

Of course we have to do this with our eyes open and not jump blindly into bed with every rogue nation and nut job out there, nobody is suggesting otherwise, but we should be discussing this with self-confidence and an arm around the shoulder of our partner nations, not this horrid “Us versus Them” approach. Discussions about EU reform should of course be happening but I don’t want the UK to be a “Special Case”, as has just been agreed, but rather as a leading light engrained deeply within the EU, our own strengths will genuinely serve us well from a position at the heart of Europe. Surely better that, than being the “Special Case” separated by a few miles of salty water.

This whole discussion seems to fit the Tory objective to wind back the clock to the glory days where the rich boys run the world and endangers our small island turning into exactly that. Go visit Beamish museum or the Black Country museum if you want to see the wonderful world they are trying to re-create! Some kind of museum piece which the ever wealthier folk from the tiger economies of Asia come to visit on their holidays, Great Britain as a future contender for world heritage status alongside the Pyramids or the Mayan temples!

In a western world lurching to the Right with idiots like Trump building walls to keep Mexican’s out and self-interested politicians like Boris and Gove driving us away from Europe just to further their own careers I plead with the wonderful people of the UK to vote to remain IN the EU in numbers that leave these clowns in no doubt.

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