The Blackest Day

Finding it really difficult to do anything constructive this morning, the feeling of sadness and disappointment that so many people can be so wrong just wont leave me. How do I look my European friends in the eye? How do I explain what this means for the way the British are thinking?

Of course, at a day to day level nothing will change, this was never really about any of the horse shit that the politicians spouted. The economy will crash for a period and probably sort itself out, maybe the true position of the UK within the world will be established and then the politicians will have nowhere to hide when they try to screw us all once again.

On a bigger level it is hard not to feel that we have just stuck 2 fingers up at the world, claiming we know best and don’t give a shit about anyone else. Well I don’t subscribe to that view and never will, the extremely polite and well mannered liberal uprising starts here.

To my European friends and colleagues, especially those residing in the UK at the moment, I treasure your massive contribution to this country on a social and economic level and hope the next few days, weeks and months work out well for you and we are able to find some sense and decency out of this mess.

To Farage, Boris, Gove and all the right wing voices around the world…..Go Fuck Yourselves.

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