48 – How the Shit ?

Sitting in the office at the end of the working day on what people keep reminding is my 48th birthday I thought I would bust through the apathy and write something. But what?

I quite like birthdays really and I don’t actually give a shit about getting older since nobody actually ever feels any older or any different do they? I still want to ride my bike and my skateboard even if I choose to spend more time fettling sheep and drinking more tea than beer these days. I still catch myself dreaming about stuff but mostly I prefer to just get the F on with things and DO stuff, doing nothing is rarely an option – sorry Jackki 🙂

So this morning I opened my cards and presents, thanks everyone, I really do appreciate them even if I don’t do the whole “awesome” smiley shite from the movies. My new flat cap will be genuinely treasured and was only taken off so I could stick my head into my Shoei and ride the VStrom into work. The new “Proud Father of a Bunch of Sheep” T-shirt definitely raised a few eyebrows at work today but that isn’t my problem. I am now proper looking forward to home made Steak & Kidney Pie for my birthday tea thanks to Jackki’s new found pashion for cooking/baking type stuff.

Its been an interesting few weeks since we decided to put the house on the market, not as interesting as I would like since it hasn’t bloody sold immediately like I would prefer, but interesting just the same. What started as a down sizing project so Jackki could pack in working seems to have turned into a “moving up north to buy a small farm” project so the exciting part is looking at potential new homes for us, the dogs and the flock. I guess this is where the dreaming thing comes in! I certainly hope that by the time I am penning a “49 ? – Are You Shitting Me ?” blog post next year it will be from a room with a view over hills and fields. The idea of clearing out the house is a very therapeutic prospect, if a slightly daunting one, but Broughton Astley and Leicestershire has been a great place to call home for 18+ years and it will be a big step to move away.

Its been a joy this spring to welcome 13 new lambs into the world and they make me smile every morning and evening with their growing strength and confidence. Can anything beat a field full of lambs in the spring sunshine for bringing a smile to your face? For the younger couples I am happy to know I am sure the answer is yes, as they experience the first weeks and months of the wonder that is parenthood. Enjoy the good times and the challenges folks since I can assure you that time will fly. My young cousin Christian and his wife Amanda welcomed young Lenny Ray into the world just 9 days ago and its a joy just to see their obvious happiness surrounded by their whole family. And my good friends Stephane and Larissa are loving being parents to young Aurelie and I cant get enough updates.

If I had one birthday wish it would simply be to wish that Wi-Fi could be found in the Kenyan wilderness so I could get a snapchat from Abigail but frankly I am delighted that once again she is out in the world living life to the full.

If I had 2 birthday wishes then I might just have to use one for the FA Cup semi final on Sunday but frankly that day will be brilliant simply because it will be spent with Michael, Dave and George.

So who needs wishes? I’m off on the VStrom for the ride home…………..

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