Still Winter

As we hustle on towards the end of February its getting difficult to find something I am prepared to write about, its snowing again up in Lanehead and across the wider country and as beautiful as it may be, I am ready for some spring colours. Well to be honest just green would be nice, although the sky blue success at Wembley on Sunday was most certainly welcome.

In a brief spell of better weather last weekend I was able to make a start on some of the growing list of outdoor jobs that need some attention in order for us to really start to make this place our own. I have now chopped down or moved so many trees that I have finally stopped saying “sorry Gordon” with every swing of the machete, Gordon in this case being the previous owner who must have spent most of his life planting said trees. At ground level this has really made a difference to open up the garden a little so that the most spectacular feature of our new home, the view, is actually visible.

In time this will open up my first big project which will 20180226_165124117_iOSbe to convert the twee and pointless summer house into a useable bar so that our BBQ’s later in the year can be enjoyed to the full. I keep trying to think of a key theme for the bar but really I am in no doubt that an eclectic (ie bonkers) mix of David Bowie, MCFC, maps, F1, Bikes and sheep will emerge to keep the giant disco ball and dartboard company. Watch out for more updates on this project as it gets started next month.

New challenges continue to emerge on the work front after what has been a very busy start to 2018 but it is nice to be sufficiently in control of my own destiny to decide when and where to spend time working. Snow is a lot less disruptive when you can choose to work from home rather than struggle all the way into the office just to keep the boss happy. Looks like a new power project will be starting on site next month just as we get operational on the first one so I am optimistic that our Encora Energy venture will start to grow this year, even if the Capacity Market tried its best to break us.

On the family front, suffice to say the times of change continue at quite some pace and once the initial challenges are overcome we can all look forward to some happy times. I have much to say on all such subjects that will dominate 2018 but for that dear reader you will have to stay tuned.

Coming Up next time in Tales from a Wandering Mind “births, birthdays, new relationships, old relationships, marriage, divorce, house moves, travel and much much more”

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