Life Before Grief ?

Do you recall a life before death?

More cutting, perhaps, a life before grief?

Innocence of youth, blissfully unaware

Old people die, sad and missed

An undoubted shock when death touches you first

Nanna D and Uncle C

Do you recall a life before grief?

Friends and colleagues, ouch that hurts

Too young to go and huge influence missed

Mourning replaced by the fondest memories

SEP and kidder Neil

Do you recall a life before grief?

Tragic accidents for ones way too young

A crippling sadness agonises us all

Grief locked away emerging only on a special day

Your Roger Rabbit Dana T

Do you recall a life before grief?

A childhood of love shared with grandparents

When they leave it leaves a hole

The grief is there but comes and goes

Long lives in Edenville, left very old

Do you recall a life before grief?

A crushing pain that cant be real

Dad missed out as his boys became men

Only a glimmer of the Granddad he would have been

Quietly superb ynoT

Do you recall life before grief?

A shitter party than one he planned

Still processing this every single day

Snatched from us at his personal peak, yes this is grief

A Space2Bee chasm where Arkid’s meant to be

Do you recall a life before grief?

My partner gone, can barely function

Here it is through night and day

Eyes now open, grief painfully personal

All who are loved, leave this behind

You made my world Mrs C

I do recall a life before grief

It’s the only thing to hold tightly onto

See the world through innocent eyes of those too young to know

And embrace where you can a life after grief

No point waiting for life after death

2 thoughts on “Life Before Grief ?

  1. The greaving goes on & on.
    The missing of those we love, goes on & on, it never ends, they are always with us.

    You put into words how a lot of us feel.
    love you Adrian, you are welcome to a hug when your down this way.

    Liked by 1 person

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