Successful Lambing 2016

Well I think we have finished lambing for this year and all in all that was a real success and could be classed as enjoyable. The mid-way report should really have been titled 3/4 report since the first 15 lambs proved to be the source of most of the incidents. The final 4 ewes lambing story is roughly:

The first of our 2 year old home grown ewes gave birth to a pair of twins and although the lambs were presented correctly, front feet and nose first, they were just too big.  After leaving the ewe alone for as long I could justify, clearly struggling to make progress with her first labour it was time to help things along. I think the lambs head or shoulder must have been firmly stuck and although I could grab hold of it inside the ewe it initially wouldn’t budge. The lambing ropes I bought 3+ years ago to use as dog leads, thanks for the tip Andy Nickless, finally had to be used for their intended purpose.

I wrapped the rope around the lambs front legs and continued to guide its head and pulled. The amount of force needed was absolutely frightening but the lamb came out and following a bit of a shake and rub came around just fine and the ewe started to clean him up. A second lamb followed 40 mins or so later needing just a little tug on the way out.

The 9th Ewe then had her twins on the 2nd April followed by the famous Skinny Lamb having a single lamb later the same day. Everyone was happy to see Skinny Lamb, our hand reared lamb from 2 years earlier become a mother and she seems to be doing really quite well.

So only one ewe is still to give birth, at 12 days after such things should have been over and done with I think we have to accept that she isn’t going to. So we have to declare at 20 lambs for 2016 and crack on with watching them grow and keeping them healthy. All 20 feature in the photo below.



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