A Very Springy Offspring Spring

What a beautiful day. Wherever possible I think its healthier to find a way to say that every morning, even if there is a tinge of irony attached through these grey and wet days20180409_112956691_iOS at the end of winter. However, today is genuinely beautiful. After a shit week with gout flaring up in my big toe the sun is now shining and the toe is gradually getting better, I can even see a hint of green in the field as the grass starts to grow. Even the dogs can feel it as they stretch out in the garden soaking up some rays and digging holes, even got the office window open to enjoy the air.

The fish in the pond are stirring after a long cold winter of dormancy, hopefully they will soon be shining with health. Chickens have started to lay eggs, only teeny little ones so far but the signs are good. Incredibly all 3 dogs have quickly learned to ignore the chickens and the early days of chasing them off seem to be gone. Basically everything is chilled.

20180409_125958280_iOSWhich brings me to the sheep, they are actually too chilled out, eating and enjoying the balmy single digit temperatures. They are supposed to be getting the hell on with giving birth and now that my foot is better and the sun is shining, what better time could there be. So far, no lambs and no sign of anything imminent but I am sure you all know what my next blog post with be focused on.



So while I am on the subject of laying eggs, new life and giving birth I will announce to IMG_1608anyone who isn’t a follower of my kids on Facebook that in 5 short months time I expect to become a Grandad. My Dad’s birthday seems the perfect time to get the news out there as yet another of life’s wonderful milestones hits me and leaves me wishing we could chat about it down the pub. Not sure how the conversation would unfold but I know with absolute confidence that my own reaction is shaped by  the lessons learned from a great man. In his few short years as “Mandy Lucy Grandad” (a title bestowed by his chatterbox first grand child Abigail), he loved and excelled at the job and while the kids were sadly too young to remember, I can remember his joy and approach and as ever will do what I can to emulate him. He would’ve been over the moon at the idea of being Great Grandad Tony.

So to Mike and Leanne, after my initial shocked reaction driven by unnecessary parental worries and practical irrelevances, I am so happy and excited that you will be the ones launching the next generation and I am really looking forward to becoming “the loony Grandad with sheep who swears too much and lives in the middle of nowhere” or whatever name my first grand child chooses to call me. X


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