Bloody Hell Its July Next Week

As I start to write this Germany are 33 minutes away from exiting the World Cup at the group stages, sorry German friends but I am not crying for you. I have just gone back to read my previous post with all its spring time hopes and re-awakened the tear in my eye since it was written on what would have been my Dad’s 75th birthday. Since then the weather has certainly sorted its shit out and its been hot and dry for a few weeks now, we are 3 BBQ’s into the summer season and the World Cup is in full 3 lions swing.

This blog post was supposed to happen a month ago and to focus on sheep and lambs, sadly some unknown reproductive complications have meant this is a lamb free year for the Jarmacoe flock and we will have to re-stock the flock before the tupping season is upon us. So instead its my least favourite job of the sheep keeping year, shearing, that dominates. I managed 3 in the heat on Monday and will do the remaining 3 this evening when the temperature drops a little.

Highlights of the last few months:

  • sharing the improving weather in Lanehead with ever more visiting friends and family has been a delight. Those who don’t tire of me going on about wild flowers, naming birds I can recognise and being fascinated by grass growing are always the most welcome
  • Wedding fever, what an absolute joy it was to share the day with Marc & Amy and their friends and family back in May.
  • Fathers Day weekend with the kids here helping me get the summerhouse cleared out and turned into Adrians Baa.20180617_144549173_iOS
  • Fresh Free Range eggs from our own chickens, look at this pair20180622_094923390_iOS
  • Cowshill Hotel on as many Fridays as possible is just getting better and better as an anchor for the community and providing a relaxing way to properly get to know the area by understanding its people.
  • Reading and researching the history of our little piece of the world and trying to develop the elevator pitch answer to the much asked question of how old our house actually is, not yet at the point where I can answer that question so maybe that’s one for next time but the picture below has to be dated 18 something20180620_211315101_iOS

So as this post concludes the Germans are out, well played South Korea, and we can at least look forward to the rest of the world cup in the certain knowledge we wont be going out on penalties to Germany.

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