For Esme

Know you are loved more than the whole world little one. All your family are so excited to welcome you into the world as you lead the way with the next generation of our little clan.

It was some time yesterday (well 24 years, 8 months and 22 days ago to be honest but it feels like yesterday), that I first truly understood how love for a tiny baby could be so all consuming. As I looked down at your Aunty Abi all those years ago, the feelings of love, care and responsibility for the tiny person I was holding were overwhelming, the joy of that moment makes me cry real tears as I write and remember even now. I know that your Daddy will look into your eyes today and feel that same immense warmth, he will also never forget that moment of bonding when he feels his world shift and he truly becomes your father. The love you have brought into this world will form a deep bond with us all but please make good use of it and ensure your Daddy is twisted round your pretty little finger. Your Mummy and Daddy will love and nurture you and I know just how excited they have been waiting for your arrival.

You’ve been a part of all our lives for quite a few months now and Finally meeting you yesterday was just wonderful. I hope to see you with your eyes open later today.  20180926_082040620_iOS

I am so proud of you little one and promise to be as big a part of your life as you want me to be. I might not be on the doorstep but I will always be right with you, I cant wait to welcome you to Lanehead and all the future adventures that will bring when you come to stay.

All my love

Crazy Grandad Adi


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